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Saturday, 22 August 2009

A very succesful Panigiri in Gastonia's "Karyae Park"

On Sunday the 16th August the Gastonia Arahovites held their very successful annual Panigiri in Karaye Park.
Trisoula Georgas informs us that they had a record breaking attendance for this year’s lunch and are very happy with this year’s numbers.In the above photo are some of the participants in this year’s Panigiri in Karyae Park
From Left to Right,
Front Row: Eleni Karres (Karigiannis), daughter Pitsa Karres Diamanduros, Themios Diamanduros, Lee Siarris
Back Row: Anna Sinodinos, Toula Demas Pappas, Bessie Vastis (President), Haido Sinodinos Pourlos, Teresa Georgas (Trisoula) and Georgia Sinodinos Pistolis.

Trisoula also informs us that the existing “James and Dena Kastanas Building” (that the adelphotis is holding their functions), is planned to be enclosed and air-conditioned over the next six months so that the Adelphotis and others can hold functions all year round.
The Adelphotis invites everyone to come and see the park in next year’s 87th anniversary celebrations
.In the above photo is the “James and Dena Kastanas Building” as it is today.
Any donations to the Adelphotis for the construction costs are welcomed!!!!


  1. A donation of 50,000 US Dollars was donated to enclose the building donated by Nicholas T. Goudes (Charlotte, NC)

  2. Bravo ston Kyrio Goudes, pragmati poli geneodori dorea!!!!

  3. Enclosure should provide a nice site for year-round celebrations. Perhaps weddings, etc. I miss the huge turnouts we had in the 70s and 80s. Other local business owners need to step it up too. Need more participation please!