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Thursday, 13 August 2009

86th Anniversary Annual Panigiri at Karyae Park - Sunday 16th August 09

This coming Sunday the 16th August 2009 Karyates in Gastonia are having their annual panigiri and at the same time are celebrating the Adelfotis 86th Birthday.
The ADELPHOTIS ARAHOVITON "KARYAE" was established back in 1923 and is the oldest adelfotis created by the migrating Karyates in the United States. For all those Karyates in the States that are within travelling distance to Gastonia all roads will lead to the adelfotis Karyae park for a wonderful day of having fun and for the older Karyates to reminisce and renew old acquaintances.

Congratulatory messages were sent by:

Adelphotis Arahoviton "Karyai", Toronto
Dear President Vastis -

On the occasion of Gastonia syllogo's 86th anniversary, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all family and friends attending your event.

Although the weather forecast for Gastonia says it will rain, we had the same weather forecast two weeks ago for our panigyri but, miraculously, it became sunny for most of the day. Strong belief and prayers at our lituryia in the morning must have certainly helped out ! We hope you enjoy the same wonderful day of re-acquaintance, good times and fellowship that we had.

Our best wishes for a successful panygiri and a happy and safe summer.

Bill Macheras
Adelphotis Arahoviton "Karyai", Toronto


Adelphotis Arahoviton "Karyai", Μelbourne

Dear Ms.Bessie Vastis
President of Adelphotis Arahoviton "Karyae" of Gastonia

The Karyates of Melbourne celebrate with you the anniversary of 86 years since the conception of the Adelfotis of the Arahovitans in Gastonia USA in 1923 which is a post mark in the history of the migrating Arahovitans.

With the opportunity of this anniversary, the Arahovites of Melbourne Australia wish every success and achievement to all the Arahovites of the Adelfotis in Gastonia.

We hope that you pleasant and enjoyable day on your panigiri this coming Sunday the 16th August.

Peter Darmos
Adelphotis Arahoviton "Karyai", Μelbourne

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