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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Μουσικές Βραδιές στα Αραχωβίτικα Καλύβια- Music nights at the Arachovitika kalyvia

Yet another wonderful cultural event has been organised by the “Arachovitika kalivia” 
Hostel to add to the numerous events organised during this summer period in our 
wonderful village of Karyes.
The Hostel is located approx 4 kilometres before the Karyes village.
The Musical event will commence on the 12th August and will continue till the 15th of August 
in the Snack Bar “Mezedopoleio” of the Hostel and will feature acoustic music incorporating 
Entehno Laiko, Smyrnaiko and Demotic style genres which should satisfy all attendees.
The hostel will be offering reduced sleepover rates for all those who consume a little too 
much alcohol.
A minimum charge of 5 euro will be charged (for alcohol consumed during the night) for each 
of the day attended.
For information and booking call:  6972 252 945

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