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Sunday, 28 September 2008

A photo collage of the old Marble pillar water taps spread around the village to supply water before water became available to all individual households in the late 1950's. These taps apart of being water supply spots also served a social function as they were meeting places for the women to catch up on the social news of the village. ( Koutsompolio, Gossip news)
These days a few of these taps remain in their original locations while a few of them have been relocated to spots where the locals think they can serve a current need ( the grounds of the school, Agio Konstandino and the Roloi). In our opinion most of these can be reactivated and be renovated and cleaned to provide water for the traveler that passes through the village as well as reconnect with the past recent history of the village. The missing ones such as the one in the "Steno" should be reconstructed in their original position and the immediate surounding should be configured and landscaped to provide a resting place for the users and pasers by.
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