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Friday, 15 June 2007

Το όμορφο Στενό

Το Στενό, ο δρόμος πού κατηφορήζει από τήν πλατεία τού Αγιου Ανδρέα πρός το κάτω χωριό. Πρίν το 1960 ήταν ένας πολύ όμορφος πεζόδρομος καλντερίμι με πλατιά σκαλοπάτια. Ηταν η εποχή πού στό χωριό ηλθε το τσιμέντο και όλοι οι δρόμοι έγιναν τσιμεντένιοι, έτσι με αυτή τη λογική αποφασίσθη να σκεπάσουμε το καλντερίμι στο Στενό με τσιμέντο ώστε να χρησιμοποιηθή ως δρόμος για αυτοκίνητα. Ισως τότε να φενόταν λογικό αλλα ο χρόνος μάλλον εδειξε ότι ο δρόμος βασικά εμεινε πεζόδρομος. Από το σπίτη τού μπαρμπα Θανάση τού Ροζανίτη καί κάτω δέν χρησιμοποιήτε σχεδόν ποτέ από αυτοκίνητα. Μια μελέτη για τήν αφαίρεση τού άσχημου τσιμέντου καί επιστροφή τής επιφάνειας τού στενού σε καλντερίμι θα έφερνε τον δρόμο σέ μια πιο αυθεντική και όμορφη παραδοσιακή αισθητική. Τα οικονομικά τής Κοινότητας ίσως στό παρών να μήν επιτρέπουν τέτοια αλαγή αλλά ίσως μπορεί κάποτε στό μέλον να γίνει δυνατόν, ισως καί με κάποια πριμοδότηση από κάποιο κατάληλο Ευρωπαικό πρόγραμα? .
(Αυτά είναι προσωπική μου γνώμη και ελπίζω να μήν υπάρξει παρεξήγηση διότη η προθεσή μου δέν είναι να θίξω κανέναν, απλά να παρακινίσω κάποια συζήτηση για καλητέρευση και επιστροφή σε μια πιο παραδοσιακή αισθητική τού χωριού μας).
Στήν φωτογραφία τό όμορφο Στενό με τήν ασχημη καί σε αποσύνθεση τσιμεντένια επιφάνεια.


Steno is the road that leads from the plateia of Agios Andreas to the lower village (Rahi). Prior to the 1960’s it used to be a beautiful pedestrian cobblestone road with wide steps. That was the time that concrete arrived in force in the village and all the roads were covered with it. With this logic it was decided to cover the beautiful cobblestone in Steno with concrete so that it becomes a road accessible to cars. Maybe at that time it seemed a logical solution but time showed that the road remained basically a pedestrian road. From the house of Thanasis Rozanitis to the bottom of the road it is hardly ever being used by cars. The removal of the ugly concrete surface and the return of Steno to a coble stone surface would return the road to a more authentic and beautiful traditional surface. Maybe the finances of the Community do not allow for such a change at this stage but maybe it will be possible in the near future, or maybe by being able to obtain a grant through a European development program? .
(The above is a personal opinion and it's not intended to offend anyone but only to stimulate discussion about the improvement and the return to a more traditional aesthetic apearance of our village).
In the photo above the beautiful Steno road with the ugly disintegrating concrete surface.


  1. I could not agree with you more but here they are trying to purchase a building in the platia and not many are helping out. I know the assosication of Arahova in Australia has given money but I haven't heard of any other assosications (Charlotte, Toronto, Chigago) It's pretty sad. They are trying to create something beautiful for the village with very little support from outside. Something that for sure will have tourism. Mabe the tavenes and caffenia should be paying for a big portion of the cost as they will be the ones making money off all the tourists as they due every summer even more so on the 2day panagiri with the pirces they have (like 3euro for a can yes can of beer). Come on people wake up. This is only for a better and a more beautiful village.

  2. sorry...forgot to mention I was refering to "the building" What I wanted to say was the building they want to use for the musem they are planning to open

  3. I am not sure how many persons and or associations have pledged to help the funding for the purchase of the building to house the folkloric museum in Karyes. It may be an idea for us to check with the committee in Greece so that we may post the names. I know that from Australia the Sydney Karyates have donated $ 20,000.00 Au and the Melbourne Karyates have also donated $ 10,000.00 Au as well as some individuals.

    Karyates around the world should recognize that our village is one of the few in the region that has actual growth in construction and reconstruction of houses, streetscapes etc. We are informed that over 60 non Karyates are currently in the village involved in the construction of projects such as
    • the new Motel by Takis Koutsogeorgas,
    • the construction of new houses such as Maheras residence in Rahi
    • and the new house of the Velonis family in the Darmou ta alonia area,
    • Kalderimi reconstruction of the lane leading from the main road next to the former Hristopoulos iron monger workshop toward the Roloi etc.
    We Karyates should be proud of our place of heritage as well as its people.
    S.M. you are right, we need a lot more Karyates from Karyes and around the world supporting the efforts of associations and individuals that strive to better our village.

  4. karyatis: I tottaly agree with you but try getting it thru to others (na yamisis ta kifalia tous) Once the museum is built that is when they will brag about their village. Maybe people should start think strait and forget about their past and politics (the usual greek way) and look to what is best for the future of the village, their kids and grand kids. I beleive Arahova is only one of six villages in all of Greece that is still a "kinotita" something to be proud of and hope we could hold onto that title.

  5. Sydney and Melbourne great job. Where are the "Greek American" and "Greek Canadian" associations in all of this. We need more associations to think like you guys.