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Thursday, 19 April 2007

We are back again

It was the 13th March 2006 that I started this hobby blog for Karyes. As could be seen from my efforts in presenting this page I was ( and still am) an amateur but for some unexplainable reason the numbers of visitors kept clicking through and we reached the incredible figure of 6164 hits.
On the 12th of March this year and while I was uploading one of the videos to the site I somehow edited the html code and I managed to loose the presence of all my posts for the past year. Even after the collapse of all the posts some people kept viewing the page in the hope that I would have been able to correct my mistake.
Well I tried and even asked for assistance from people with knowledge in the html programming but I got nowhere. As a result I gave up and I decided to start a fresh. All the old posts have gone but I will start with new ones.
One of the improvements with this attempt is the inclusion of a section for Videos and another for picture slideshows. If you can please subscribe to the site so you can directly post your own videos, slideshows and or posts, or email us with any news, photos, slide shows and videos so that I can include them in the blog.
So here it goes, I hope that this time I will be able to properly maintain the site in a better fashion.

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